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Healthcare Job Seekers

Are you a healthcare administrative/ management freelancer?

Are you a professional freelancer working in the healthcare domain?

Browse job advertisements and find the perfect match for your skills. Enjoy the freedom of contract work while serving small medical practices all across the country.

Allied professionals and allied providers are welcome.

Market your expert services. Build your reputation. Do your best work.

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Private Practices

Are you a small healthcare practice looking for expert administrative services at a price that works for you?

Are you a healthcare practice looking for professional services at a price that works for you?

Browse our listings of talented contractors or post your job ads for free. If your practice is looking for allied professionals or allied providers, you’ve come to the right place.

Grow your practice, add providers, boost office productivity, and turbocharge your cash flow.

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It’s Your Career. It’s Your Practice.

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Want to refine your talent search even further?

Check out our Assisted Hiring Service and Managed Hiring Service

With decades of experience under our belts, Neolytix is intimately familiar with the healthcare administration industry. We’ll call in all our favors and find just the right freelancer for your needs.

Assisted Hiring Service

For healthcare practices that know what they want. You give us a profile of your ideal freelancer, we’ll find the perfect match for you.

Managed Hiring Service

For practices that aren’t quite sure what they want. We’ll apply industry best practices and determine your practice’s specific needs.

Our Vision

Neolytix Career Portal

Neolytix makes professional healthcare administrative and management services accessible to all.

We envision a world where all healthcare practices can obtain the top-quality healthcare management and administrative services they deserve. Every practice, no matter how small or specialized, should have access to cutting-edge resources and industry-leading business knowledge and expertise.

How do we achieve this? By connecting talented freelancers with medical practices.

This Career Portal was created to connect healthcare administrative freelancers to the small practices that need them most.

Why Freelance?

Reasons to consider registering on the Neolytix Career Portal

At Neolytix,

We believe that everyone should be free to do their best work.
Since our inception, Neolytix has set its sights higher than just making money. Our central priority is to bring people together. 



Pursuit of Happiness

Meet your financial goals without work taking over your life. Skip the micromanagement and office politics. Achieve genuine work/life balance.
We at Neolytix treasure the satisfaction that comes with a job well done. It’s a simple concept: everyone deserves to do their best work while pursuing their own happiness.


Fair Compensation

Neolytix strives to ensure fair compensation for all contractors who use this Jobs Portal. We vet all posted job advertisements and hold them all to high standards of quality.
A freelancer’s time is their greatest resource. We sincerely appreciate all the freelancers who devote their time and expertise to medical billing and coding.


Sense of Freedom

Freelancers are free! Simple as that. They work when, where, and for whom they want. Furnish your skills and experiences to exactly the clients who deserve them.


Virtual Work

Virtual work is the future of freelancing. It’s easy and convenient for everyone. It saves time and money on commutes. It’s good for the environment.
We are strong believers in virtual work. It boosts worker productivity and happiness while bringing diverse teams together.

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Our fully remote team of industry specialists provides healthcare practices with the full package of medical administrative services. These include but are not limited to:

  • Medical Billing
  • Credentialing & Licensing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Virtual Nurses & Support Staff
  • Payroll & Accounting

Career Portal

Our goal is to help small healthcare practice thrive

If you’re a medical practice owner and you’re interested in hiring us directly, that’s awesome! Reach out to us anytime!

If you’d like to advertise a job and find a different contractor to suit your particular needs, that’s great too! That’s what this Jobs Portal is for. 

Neolytix has worked with dozens of practices over the years and has a deep understanding of the healthcare industry. We know the business and can find you the professional help you need.

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