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  • Academic Level


  • 2021 - 2021
    Compliance Team Temporary Officer/ Medical Billing & Collection Specialist

    Phoenix Virtual Solutions - Fulgent Therapeutics

    Compliance Team Temporary Officer- Fulgent Therapeutics Job Description: ● Ensuring that the correct internal guidelines and policies are being implemented. ● Checking, investigating, and correcting accessions with incorrect patient demographics and insurance details. ● And/ processing credit balance whenever necessary for the accessions that were billed under the incorrect insurances. Medical Billing & Collection Specialist – Fulgent Therapeutics Job Description: ● Ensuring that the correct insurance/health plan or IPA (Independent Physician Associations) were billed. ● Responsible for rebilling the correct insurance based on the eligibility during the DOS. ● Responsible for checking the reason for the claim denials and rectifying rejections when necessary

  • 2020 - 2021
    Medical Accounts Receivable Specialist- – Advent Health Hospital

    Hexaware Technologies Ltd. - Phils.

    Job Description: • Ensuring that correct insurance companies were billed. • Responsible for analyzing denial and reasons for claim rejection. • Responsible for checking and identifying denied, unpaid claims, re-filing the corrected claims based on the Electronic Remittance Advice (EOB) we received from insurance companies, and if applicable contacting them to see how we can rectify denial or how to file an appeal. • Doing admin tasks such as uploading necessary documents like medical records and writing an appeal letter or filling out forms (depending on the insurance company\'s policies) to file an appeal to be able to get the payment for the services patients have rendered. • Was nominated to various awards and received the Yuva Award 2020 certificate of appreciation for the hard work and reliability shown in the organization. NewU Therapy Center Job Description: ● Checking patient’s eligibility ● Charging patient’s responsibility such as deductible, copay, and coinsurance every after visit/telehealth visits. ● Checking and resolving claims denial, open balances, and aging accounts. ● Posting of payment from the insurances and the patients. ● Downloading and uploading of ERA from the insurances portal. ● Credentialing

  • 2016 - 2019
    Healthcare Specialist (Advocate) (United Health Care – M&R)

    Alorica Philippines/ West Contact Services

    Job Description: • Taking in calls, providing customer service with compassion, helping members get their medication, processing an override, and answering billing concerns. • Commended by supervisors and customers over the phone and received the NPS Champion award for 3 consecutive months.

  • 2014 - 2016
    Temporary Account (Sears. Com CSS) Call Center Quality Assurance Analyst - Supervisor Escalation Line

    Sitel Philippines

    Job Description: • Listened to recorded and live calls and relay feedback to Operations. • Ensure that the advisors follow the correct policies and procedures to provide the best customer service to all of the members. • Provide internal compliance report to Operations and Training department. • Conduct a coaching session on the advisor’s defect when necessary. Supervisor Escalation Line Job Description: • Handle calls being transferred by the customer service representative (tier 1) from the members asking for a supervisor Customer Service Representative (Tier 1) Job Description: • Taking in calls with the correct guidelines • Helping the members placing an order, checking and tracking packages and, answers all the inquiries about the products


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