About Us

Neolytix is your MSO in a box.

We are a niche service provider offering the full package of non-clinical management services for your healthcare practice.

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MSO in a Box

Neolytix is a niche service provider. We offer professional non-clinical management and administrative support to small and medium-sized medical practices.

We leverage technology and analytics to optimize our clients’ office efficiency, enhance their digital presence, and boost their cash flow. 

We treat each client’s business like our own. Our team of trained medical billers and coders is committed to providing expert support services at a price all our clients can afford.

The Neolytix team is entirely remote and works without boundaries to provide exceptional non-clinical support services to healthcare practices across the country.

How Neolytix Can Serve Your Practice

There are three ways Neolytix can furnish the non-clinical support services your practice needs

Hire Neolytix directly

Meet your financial goals without work taking over your life. Skip the micromanagement and office politics. Achieve genuine work/life balance. We at Neolytix treasure the satisfaction that comes with a job well done. It’s a simple concept: everyone deserves to do their best work while pursuing their own happiness.

Hire Neolytix to find talented contractors on your behalf

Neolytix strives to ensure fair compensation for all contractors who use this Jobs Portal. We vet all posted job advertisements and hold them all to high standards of quality. A freelancer’s time is their greatest resource. We sincerely appreciate all the freelancers who devote their time and expertise to medical billing and coding.

Post a job ad on our Career Portal

Freelancers are free! Simple as that. They work when, where, and for whom they want. Furnish your skills and experiences to exactly the clients who deserve them.

What we Do

Why Work With an MSO?

Large healthcare organizations have the means and scale to hire teams of full-time administrative specialists.

Many small private practices, on the other hand, cannot afford to hire and maintain an in-house administrative team.

For this reason, managing non-clinical aspects of the practice, such as billing and coding, can be challenging and costly for smaller healthcare providers.

Neolytix understands this. We provide small and medium-sized practices with the kinds of professional support and cutting-edge resources normally only accessible to large healthcare organizations.

Small practices need experts without boundaries—contract-based billers, coders, etc. who can seamlessly integrate with existing practice and provide immediate improvements to their office procedures and revenue cycle management.

This style of work is ideally suited to entrepreneurial teams of medical administrative contractors. That is what Neolytix offers.

We provide medical practices the full package of non-clinical support and administrative services. Our primary services include:

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Our solutions and recommendations synergize all non-clinical processes with the single goal of improving financial outcomes for practice owners. We work with single- and multi-provider practices across multiple specializations.

Neolytix offers these services because we want to help small healthcare practices succeed. We are accountable for the success of all the practices we work with.



Services, Insights, & Solutions

Management Services

Our MSO services help independent practices stay independent. We constantly look for innovative ways to reduce costs and enhance practice growth.

Virtual Front-Office Support

We supply virtual assistants to answer calls, schedule follow-ups, collect on payments, and procure pre-authorizations.


With years of experience and professional contacts, we get medical practices credentialed faster. We know the major payers and their requirements and ensure that every form gets in on time.

Payroll & Accounting

We provide pay-per-use customized reports. These include analysis and information on the latest healthcare billing trends and practices. We study the healthcare landscape and optimize all our client practices accordingly.

HIPAA Compliance

Neolytix is proud to provide affordable compliance strategies and solutions for all small medical practices. We guarantee 100% HIPAA-compliance. We assist with risk assessments, policy guidelines, and IT audits.

Medical Billing Services

Neolytix provides complete medical billing outsourcing services. We help small practices optimize their cash flow. We strive to produce consistent, reliable results so that healthcare professionals can free their minds from billing and focus on what truly matters—their patients.
Many billing companies will guarantee 99% clean claims. But Neolytix takes ownership of driving claims clean from your office.

A Bit of History

Neolytix was born in 2012 as a small analytics platform for revenue cycle management (RCM). In 2013, we launched our medical billing business and began serving clients and growing organically.

In 2015, we supplemented our RCM services with professional consulting focused on providing management services to small healthcare practices.

Most recently, in 2018, Neolytix expanded its services and launched digital services under the name of Practice Tech Solutions. The goal was to offer modern digital marketing and technology solutions focused on growing healthcare practices and enhancing the patient experience.

The launch of Practice Tech Solutions brought Neolytix one step closer to our dream of becoming a management services organization (MSO). Today we offer end-to-end services to manage and grow a healthcare practice.